Gabryl- For Regrets (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

For Regrets, will not be a song you regret listening to, a lo-fi masterpiece if you will. Gabryl is an advocate for living your life because we only create boundaries as we see fit. There are no rules to life where we can make no mistakes, but there is a way to live life without regrets. Regrets are things we wish we could’ve done or things we did which could’ve been done differently. Playing the What If game is a scary game to play. Your mind goes down an endless path of different scenarios that had chances to play out. Truth is, we don’t know what will happen if we did things how we exactly lay them out. The outcome could be positive or negative, it’s all about living and learning from our actions. 

In the end it’s all the same now

Nobody knows what they're doing 

Gabryl gets this message across in a lo-fi jam so we are completely locked in. Once you start to really listen, he doesn’t let us think about the less desirable connotations that come with the term Regrets. He lets us know that we are running the same race, just in different lanes. We may not have life figured out yet, but who does?

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