Garrett Kato- All Good (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

Here we have All good, from the Hemisphere project. Garrett Kato expands his understanding of his love life with us, and he does it with open arms. Reminiscing on a loved one he knew like the back of his hand, has been lost in time. He longs the day where he lets her know that he’s “All good now.” A beautifully-themed piece from such a pure backstory. What you need to know about this piece is that it’s as enticing as it is transparent. You get Garrett for who he is throughout the whole piece. As he expresses his thoughts while his loved one leaves his life, he wonders what she thinks of him.

An anxious gesture has yet to sound so tranquil. Opening up to be this personal has its benefits. Here, I feel Garrett’s songwriting plays well on the ear when coupled with melancholy acoustic chords. It seems like Garrett takes it easy on us as the chorus/refrain comes around “We don’t talk anymore, but we used to.” He builds his voice as the slight drum is masked behind the acoustic guitar strum, in fashion. Keeping the energy level at a conscious minimum, Garrett winds us all down with, All good. With his other almost 900k monthly listeners,  there is a place in the music industry for Garrett, and he might just be there.

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