Genra- Crazy (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

This joint has all the pieces... Slick lyricism, Funky instruments, and a memorable hook. 

From top to bottom, Genra takes the listener on a vivid, and smooth trip around his mind. It's cinematic, it feels like he's sitting you down and reading a book to you (no allusion to Slick Rick). That late 80s to 90s conscious influence, permeates through the track  here. No harsh profanity or vulgarities, just straight up creative wordplay. 

Lines like: "My pen is sharp like a shark attack" and "Why these critics bugging out like a ghetto mattress?" truly show Genra's ability to create top notch hip-hop. 

A very memorable and high quality cut, an instant playlist track for Hip Hop fans and beyond. 

Listen to Crazy:

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