George Dfouni (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Jeffrey Wright

George Dfouni was brought up and lived in the contrasting cultures of Lebanon and England. However, we often find that individuals who experience such a diverse upbringing and environments, are able to merge cultural differences into fluid and unique expressions. In this regard, Dfouni is yet another example of this, as he developed into a polymath of business, authorship and music. 

From his multiplicity of talents, in 2009, Dfouni launched his soon to be, successful music career. At this point, what was once an unimaginable dream had now become a reality. Through his own brand of creativity and ingenuity, Dfouni began to write and compose some of his own music. He also created some of his videos that have amassed millions of viewers. 

Three years later, he produced Noah's Ark, which consisted of songs that were recorded in Istanbul, Beirut and New York. For this, George received worldwide acclaim and accolades from prominent writers and producers in the music industry. 

As his popularity grew, along with a 2-year absence from music, in December 2020, George triumphantly returned to the music  scene with a track titled Mesh Rah Edaaf. The song was written by one of Lebanon's top lyricists,Tony Abi Karam and arranged by Boudi Naoum. The song was released on Arabic radio and played to fans around the world.  

There was a period of time, in which George was not able to create music. He speaks passionately, wisely and optimistically about his 2-year stint away from music. He states:

"The past 2 years have been the most challenging for my family and I am glad that this ordeal is almost over. My past mistakes and calculations were a one, two punch, however with the support of my loving family and close circle of friends, I am still standing. This experience was a rude awakening. I took responsibility, paid the price and now I'm ready to move onto bigger things.' He continues his optimistic stance by adding:

“Despite the current situation, I believe that the future is going to be a bright one. My immediate plan is to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I am open to whatever opportunities the future may hold."

Dfouni's future definitely remains bright, he has positioned himself as a recognizable and highly talented, international artist and we will assuredly hear more from him despite the challenges that he faced. He indeed is an inspiration, who has faced obstacles and has heroically risen back to the top. 

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