Georgia Cécile- Always be right (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen 

Before I get started, I just want to say this artist makes a mark in your mind as soon as you hear her. Georgia Cécile has blessed us with her classic single called “Always Be Right.” I call it a classic because everything about it gives iconic. The instrumentation alone tells a story of passion and soul. I love how the instruments mold around her vocals so well and the production is amazing. Georgia has a voice that takes me back to the days when jazz was at its prime, like she has been here before. “Always Be Right” is eighties jazz reminiscent but it is composed modernly.

Georgia Is definitely a gem vocalist to keep up with.

In “Always Be Right” Georgia is explaining how regardless of the differences between she and her partner, she knows they are right for her. The hook of the song is pure bliss as she expresses her feelings. “Walking through my darkest day, you became my saving grace, I’ll long to see your face 'cause you’ll always be right for me.” Lyrically, Georgia easily relays her message through this single.

You should also go check out the official video to “Always Be Right” by Georgia Cécile, available on YouTube.

Don’t forget to add “Always Be Right” to your classic jazz playlist.

Check it out:

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