Georgia Chanel- Audrey Hepburn

Parys Wyatt

If you haven’t gotten lost in a song in a while, here’s one that will definitely have you turning your volume allllll the way up. In her song, Audrey Hepburn, Georgia Chanel’s vocals float over an electronic production that kind of takes you hostage for a full three minutes and thirty-five seconds. Audrey Hepburn calls into question the workings of romantic relationships between men and women, while simultaneously forcing the listener into dance mode. The end result of this high-energy “you-have-more-control-than-you-thought” whirlwind? Straight serotonin. 

For the duration of the song, Georgia Chanel sets out to challenge the patriarchy, as well as challenge how we as women perceive our own power, and you can feel every bit of this intention. In my very humble opinion, you can never have too many songs directed toward women empowerment. In the refrain she talks about wanting to be her own believer, a sentiment a lot of us can relate to. In addition to her potent message, Georgia Chanel completely flexes her vocal ability. The range is really the icing on the cake. Overall, Audrey Hepburn gives us (us being Georgia Chanel’s female listeners) a reminder to wake up and change our perspective a little, if you haven’t already. 

Listen to Georgia Chanel’s Audrey Hepburn here:

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  • Michael

    The song is amazing 👏 and such a lovely review

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