Georgie- Chasing Kites (Track Review)


Written by Grayson Jones 

Flying a kite takes a little finesse. But, chasing a kite takes a lifelong desire, and staying ambitious. On this piece, Georgie has put together some neat musical ideas to portray just that.

Chasing Kites tells a story about Georgie’s disappointment in someone she cares about. Georgie makes a point to explain how she has given up on them  because they do not share the same values. Georgie values love and internal beauty- the type of qualities one develops based on how they treat other people. This person Georgie is referencing in this piece, values aesthetics and outer beauty.

A kite flying high is used to resemble the distance from which that outer beauty is tangible. Georgie finds it a waste of time- and rightfully so. Once a kite is in the sky, that’s the extent of its beauty, once a blunt/cigarette is lit, that is the peak of its beauty. All have highs but neither are forever.

The theme of this track reminds me of “The Climb” from Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus, but at a faster pace. During the bridge, Georgie says: “the kites too high and you just look stupid.” Voicing your opinion never sounded so warm. 

Chasing kites out now!

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