gg and NFT [SwanoDown Report]

Reported by Lucas Ballard

As an adult, I’ve found that toys can still be cool, even cooler than when I was a kid. I say this thinking, as we grow older we appreciate the art in things. Calling a miniature a “Toy” is only a technical term, but heavy design and processing goes into manufacturing these small art sculptures. [GG] Toy Company specializes in creating NFTs and toys based on the NFTs.

As we’ve entered a new age of art, NFTs have been the topic of many conversations but it stands that the NFT market had a trade volume of $24.9 billion in 2021. gg Toy company has contributed to this number, having a full collection of over 6,000 NFTs ready for purchase and trade. 

One of my favorite collections they have featured is the DETONATEDTOONZ. They are similar to Tom from Tom and Jerry, but have a very distinctive look. They are dressed in contemporary streetwear and are vibrantly distressed with different elements and colors  like fire, spider webs, and radioactive material.

There are many more collections featured on gg Toy Company’s site and their NFT gallery

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