GiftedbyGifted- Talk To Me Nice (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

GiftedbyGifted, what a unique name and an extremely bold claim as an artist– but the talent is undeniable. 

On his latest track, Talk to me nice, he puts women on notice with how an interaction is supposed to go. There have been many times where a woman has all the control over a situation with a man. On this record, the men are taking control. We know that women have desires (according to Drake and Future at least).

From what I can tell, GiftedbyGifted is saying whether it’s a real relationship or sexual, his partner has to understand her role in this situationship.

GiftedbyGifted tends to lean into the Drake persona, a confident connoisseur of females who knows his worth. In this world, you have to think this way, as humble as possible though. This translates well in the music and in turn provides the ultimate vibe, fit for bachelors.

He floats so effortlessly on this track and it represents him very well as an artist. Talk to Me Nice will breathe a level of confidence into the men listening. 

Check it out:

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