Gillian Mapp- Orange Bitters (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen 

Let’s get straight to it, ‘Orange Bitter’ by artist Gillian Mapp, is pure and I mean pure passion. The song begins with soft piano that gives the feel of a romantic lullaby. The smooth and sensual instrumentation, along with the lyrics allows you to feel the warmth from this sweet love I believe she is expressing. 

“This drink has got me lifted, it lingers like a summer’s day...” It sounds like Gillian is using the sweetest fruit to represent her sweetest love, just imagine if you could drink the feeling of being in love. 

Gillian Mapp will captivate you with her airy vocals and colorful sound she brings to the music world.  “Let your love fall down, soft as the misty rain...” She definitely found a way to shower the listener with the same heat she feels herself. Through every note and you can’t help but admire her clever choice of lyrics. 

In the hook of the song, she says this feeling is “like the heat against the concrete pavement” and what a way to express this radiant warmth while also connecting to the listener. Gillian is creating music for the soul, music that feels almost too good! I’m really looking forward to hearing what else she has in her bag of tricks! This song is for lovers, people who love the construct of love. As a music lover I definitely added “Orange Bitters” to my Passion playlist.

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