Gimme Gimme ft. Van Hunt- Fight Dirty (Track Review)

Written by Chris Yangello 

Gimme Gimme is a duo that every reputable source of the music industry should know by this point. While still relatively new to the game, I’m personally honored to have the platform to review artist as versatile and adaptable as Gimme Gimme are.

Recently, I was forwarded a new release by Gimme Gimme, titled “Fight Dirty,” the name of the track may throw you off a bit from the sounds you’ll hear within the song, but don’t be fooled! Even with the more aggressive track name, the song itself is mellow, taking on a chill vibe from the very first few seconds. And Van Hunt adds an enhancing layer of vocal dynamics to this piece.

As a writer, I’ve always looked for artists that strive in the realm of versatility. Gimme Gimme is a prime example of what it means to act as an artist with an ability to adapt and overcome. As the industry changes, so does the artist. With almost 2,000 monthly listeners already, this brother and sister combo are ready to take on the entire music industry by storm.

If you’re as excited as I am to see what Gimme Gimme does next, take a moment and check out their Instagram (@gimmegimmemusic), as well as the link to their release, Fight Dirty- out now on all platforms.

Take a Listen:

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