SwanoDown's Artist of The Week: Glou-Glou


Written by Grayson Jones

In the spirit of the season, Glou-Glou concocts auditory comfort food. Today, we're propelled into a lively realm of funky rhythms and contagious grooves. At the core of the sonic tapestry lies the rhythmic masterpiece Drink Slowly seamlessly blending lo-fi, soul, and electronic elements. Glou-Glou's ability to transcend the genre’s boundaries creates an irresistibly smooth experience, with intoxicating beats and playful bass walks.

In their latest release, Let That Go, Glou-Glou continues to pull new audiences. This fresh sonic exploration exudes a matured evolution of their signature funky style, featuring intricate instrumentation and soulful vocals that narrate resilience and liberation. Let That Go not only showcases the artist's growth but also stands as a testament to Glou's unwavering commitment, breaking musical boundaries while honoring the funky roots that define their sound.

Glou-Glou's music is a jubilation of rhythm and individuality, a fusion of old-school funk with a contemporary twist. Through these two songs, Glou-Glou emerges as a musical force—a dynamic, immersive experience inviting audiences to surrender to the groove and revel in the funk-infused euphoria that defines their unique musical journey.

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