GQueTv- Nice Try, Wrong Guy (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright

I listen to a ton of artists on a daily basis. Some days, I may literally listen to 100-150 new artists in a 24 hour span. With no exaggeration, I can say that GQueTv’s project Nice Try, Wrong Guy is the most fun and entertaining album I’ve listened to in the past two weeks. 

From the suspenseful and almost Morgan Freeman-ish intro, to the great production on this project, there’s so much to enjoy. Records like “Heavy Steppin”, and “Fumble Tha Bag” are easy to throw on in your car, and definitely in the club. GQueTv‘s wordplay, storytelling and confidence create a full listening experience. 

Lines like: “I know you drink Soda. Coca Cola over Pepsi. I know you like chocolate. Prefer Hershey over Neslea,” and “I wanna heal like foot on the ottoman,” show just a glimpse of his lyrical finesse, and what he brings for the entirety of Nice Try, Wrong Guy.

Check it out:


  • Edith

    Your music is dope

  • Ki

    Get um 💎

  • Ki

    Get um 💎

  • LeAndre Jeter

    Proud of you lil bra! Came a long way, now keep pushing for the family.

  • Paul Sains

    I’ve been waiting for people to hear this man for so long. Huge fan of his music and can’t wait for the world to really see the genius this man is

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