Greisun- Purgatory (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

Love is considered a popular topic in music. Both love and music cannot be fully explained, or backed by science, which makes them a great duo for trying to- "put a voice to a feeling." 

Greisun’s Purgatory is an excerpt from hell, powerfully driven by the ‘socially spicy’ woman herself. 

In this song, Greisun relates her toxic relationship as an infinite escape from hell. Her Significant other is no good, and she wants to move on… Without any support socially, she finds it difficult to stay away. The prettiest thing about this song is its message. If you know someone isn't the one, it will never be a loss of time if you learn from it.

From a musical standpoint, the song opens up  bouncing between a relaxing two chord, coupled with a trickled down melody. That melody can give you the impression that you are heading down. Instead of a hellish tune, you are introduced to a powerful 808 and a big sound from Greisun that reminds me of a Demi Lovato styled delivery. Seriously, tracks do not do her justice. A live performance from her has been added to my bucket list.  Beautifully kept throughout the song, harmony is the bread to the butter when we’re looking at the overall performance. Excited to hear the next best thing from Greisun!

Check out Purgatory:

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