Halle Dot- Here with You (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

The only thing Halle Dot wants to do is be Here with you. This jazz/hip-hop inspired single has a sound that isn't found in most of the popular R&B music we listen to today. I would place her sound in the lowkey R&B category, which would be great for her fans. This means that she is an artist that people haven’t discovered yet who is incredibly talented. She brings a fresh new voice to a subject that isn’t really talked about in R&B.

The essence of real R&B has been making a steady climb, back into relevance. Here with you, is the latest entry that people should take a listen to. It encapsulates all the feelings of wanting to be in that certain comfort zone. 

Being able to put down those emotional walls and feel free with one person is hard to find. Usually, you will be around someone who may judge you or who won’t take those insecurities away. Halle’s attention to detail keeps her voice at a certain level that isn't sexual- yet sensual and soft to the ear. 

Women don’t want much from their companion, only trust and loyalty. When they feel that type of comfort, there’s no other place they’d rather be. Halle Dot is a promising artist and her new single is proof of that. 

Check it out:


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