Hammo (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by SwanoDown

Hammo is an Australian based Artist and writer based in Tamworth NSW. He doesn’t like to be referred to as a rapper as he tells his life long stories through his music from his past and now his present and things that relate to his life.... So he considers himself more of a story teller than anything else.Some of his songs are very deep about his feelings and emotions from day to day stress and anxiety, depression and struggles that he has faced and now overcome simply from his hard work and dedication to what he does. On the 12th of November 2020 he released a song called “Can’t Quit Now” featuring up and coming Aussie girl artist by the name of “Lady P”. He wrote this song about his feelings and emotions after losing his Grandmother which was basically like his mother from the age of 12 after Hammo left home and raised himself from 12yrs old and has seen the worst of life and now the best of life due to his focus and being so driven to achieve the goals he sets out for himself. That song is his most viewed song on YouTube to date as people seem to connect and relate to his deep and powerful real life songs.
He has a new song coming on the 25th of Febuary 2021 which he claims is his deepest song yet. And believes it’s his best song he has written and released to date. Stay tuned because this guy is making noise quit quickly considering he had no music background up until 16 months ago when he decided to write his own songs and release them under his own label “Undefeated Records” about his life from struggles to success which in fact if you listen carefully, the music tells a very inspiring and powerful story. Definitely one to follow.
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