Hannah Sands- One More Time (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

The closure needed within two people is often understated. There could be old feelings that linger and possibly spark up unwanted interest. One More Time,  is the newest single from Hannah Sands. Sometimes we think we need that closure in person, when really, it can be hashed out via text or call. Doing some of the activities you used to do as a couple will bring up the past and forget whatever mistakes may have caused the breakup. I definitely vibed with this piece and the attention it brings to relationships, especially at young ages. Being 21 and committed to one person may not be the best decision, especially if you aren’t sure if he/she is the one. Too many failed relationships can have a negative impact on a person.

Then again, everyone is different and maybe closure in person will have it’s just due. It’s always decided by the intentions of both parties. One person may need closure to move forward, while the other could see this as an opportunity to rekindle an old fire. Either way, I do believe closure is needed to evolve in life and I see that being the premise behind this song. Hannah Sands is undoubtedly talented, and One More Time proves she has a gift for storytelling. 

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