Harris Procopiou- Glimpse of December (Track Review)

Written by Lucas Ballard

Do you remember December? WeIl, I remember when I first heard Glimpse of December by Harris Procopiou. Although it was released in January, it reflected how fast the year 2023 went. Procopiou tells a story through his piano keys that sums up what the year was like for many of us...

Glimpse of December takes me to a cold scene, where we observe someone who is lost and adamantly looking for direction. They fervently plead with passersby to help them find what they seek, but they have little interest. Our person steps to the side as the day grows dark and they fall to the ground in a street-light-lit alley. They look at their reflection in the alley puddle and question what the meaning of life is. What is the purpose of being so alone. At first, the puddle is hit with a barrage of raindrops, showing the fractured spirit of self they have. Quickly the puddle freezes, creeping up to them. Our person runs, stumbling and tripping, sliding and twisting. Something has come looking for them. But what is it? What could it possibly be now? 

They make their way to a farmhouse a mile away. They peek through the window to see a mom, a father, a child, a dog, and a baby all in the living room lit with candles. But before they can take in the beautiful scene, the freeze creeps closer. Our person stumbles down a hill and to a large river. They’re stuck. As the creep gets closer they decide it's best the water take them. 

They wake up panicked, in a cold sweat to a warmly lit bedroom, with their significant other to their side and a blasting fan.

This piece has a ton of emotion and leaves much to the imagination. What do you see when you listen to this?


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