Harrison Brome & Pomo- Stars At Midnight (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

There’s nothing wrong with a familiar journey when you’re listening to Harrison Brome. We’re feeling the funk groove as Star at Midnight completes a compelling realization.

Musically painting a canvas of emotions reminiscent of, well, the Stars at Midnight, Join Harrison Brome, the maestro for acoustic magic unveils a symphony of sounds tailored to captivate your senses.

I personally like the soft voice guiding you, carving out a space for the deeper acoustic vibes to resonate like the lower guitar pitches. You have to Immerse yourself in the sound here. Lyrical complexity dances hand in hand with the music’s enchanting instrumentation.

🎵 Picture this; "We start to burnout like the stars at Midnight." An Ignition to the song's hooks with a fusion of counter melodies and harmonies. This musical odyssey invites you to plunge into a deep hole of sonic exploration, where every line sparks a cascade of assumptions.

With a song that has endless lyrical layers, don't miss out on the quest– experience the magic of Harrison Brome's creation, where each note is a step into a world where funk, emotion, and lyrical artistry collide! 

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