Hei$enberg (SwanoDown Report)


Reported by Grayson Jones

I'm delivering food for the superbowl today and I am exhausted.The arrogance in me doesn't let me fold or quiver to the sun that sets soon after my last delivery. I rode home to a Hei$enberg joint. The song started on the same beat as my windshield wipers as I drove through the city. As I looked at the cars around me, all I saw were independent men and women tired, trying to get home. Under review was Bad Chick: An upbeat realistic song on love and life. On my first listen, I adjusted my chair to an appropriate upright position with high energy- like the instrumentation. 

The drive behind the song reminded me of producers that work with Tyga. Hei$enberg is his own unique emcee. Merging together styles like this is not something I have heard of before. When you really dig into the lyrics you realize he is rapping about some empowering viewpoints on love between men and women. Who else is “Holding you down when you low on your cheese?” 

This moment in traffic of everyone trying to make something of themselves; either coming home from work or rushing to the Superbowl screening, brought resonance to the lyrics “We say bad b***h but we really mean queen.” We had to ask Hei$enberg for some insight as to how he extracts such feelings from his audience members like me. “ My goal was to shed light on independent women, with a subtle hint of humor.” He stated.

Well done. As I got home I made sure to appreciate the artists making music for the genuine people out there and especially appreciative of that Bad Chick

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