Hella Precious- Back to You (Zey) [Track Review]

Written by Miles Monroe II 

Love is in the air and it has no boundaries. That’s the lesson I got from listening to Hella Precious’ Back to You. From the onset, you hear a very uptempo pop song that could do quite well in the Club/EDM setting. When you break down the lyrics, you start to understand the message she is getting across to the audience. In a world that has an enormous amount of hate, we have to stand straight up and be ourselves. Self love is the best remedy for all negative energy spewed towards us. It doesn’t matter what you identify as, if your heart is pure, you’ll receive the right love and attention. 

This seemed like a personal song for Hella Precious, but the mantra was well received. She let out her true emotions/feelings that may have been bottled up or hard to express without being in musical form. Great content comes from these types of situations though. It’s a subject that has a massive audience with similar sentiments inside and out. Back to You is not only a healing song for Hella Precious, but for others that are having similar thoughts and questions without any real answer. Precious provides her audience with an assurance that: leading in with love as the real “You” is the only way to go. 

Check it out:



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