Hemincuff, the Future of Sustainable Fashion (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Lucas "Lukey Lenz" Ballard

As the need for sustainability grows, creatives must adapt and find ways to keep pushing the beautiful art they seek to create. Noel Veloz has not hesitated to make his stance known in this artistic world of adaptation. As the Creative Director of the luxury fashion brand Hemincuff, Veloz has made it a point of emphasis to continue with the second generation of his father’s work. As the son of  a Dominican immigrant, Veloz watched his father craft luxury items for his clients. Even at a young age Noel noticed the impact his father had on the people he created the items for, as he described that their faces would “light up” after seeing their completed product. His father was well known for his ability to be able to manufacture such quality items but not charging a luxury price as he understood his clientele could not afford expensive accessories. Unfortunately, things were difficult and the time it took to make these items quickly became cumbersome and it proved that it could not yield substantial profit. 

Noel felt it was his responsibility to persist and make something that people could enjoy. The phrase “You can see the best quality between the hem and the cuff.” graces the end of their mission statement, also calling back the name of the site itself, Hemincuff. With each of his pieces being mended using only vegan materials, he has diverted the idea that luxury should be made from the hides of animals. Veloz noted that the idea of using animal skins for materials is intolerable and unnecessary. To further promote his idea of creating and preserving a greener world, most of Hemincuff’s production shoots have emphasized elements of nature embedded in the image, and with every bag sold there is a donation given to onetreeplanted.org. 

The thing that is most impressive about Veloz and his Hemincuff accessories is that they are all handcrafted. The minimalist aesthetic of many of the pieces are what make the shoulder bags and totes so bold. From Hemincuff’s Stef collection, which highlights earth tones, to their Origami collection that features no stitching at all, it is clear to see that Veloz has not only found a way to promote a greener earth, but also a way to take the world by storm with his practical ingenuity. 

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