Hit The Hay- Heartbeat (Track Review)


Written by Miles Monroe II 

Heartbeat, feeling the weight of it metaphorically is a concept I’ve never quite thought of. Hit the hay gives us those feels and asks for a second chance at love. Second chances at love happen, but with the same person, it is less common in this generation. We tend to leave the past in the past or go back to toxic situations because it’s all about comfort.

Hit the hay tries to break the trend of running in circles with love when there are hurdles in the way. Change is hard, but not trying to change is worse because it’s about acknowledging fault and resisting, to be better. In Heartbeat, there is a reflective period where we see the group's vulnerability.

I can change. What you want from me?

The instrumentation and tone of the song is reminiscent of early work from Ed Sheehan and pop music of this generation. The fixation of love and what it takes to get someone back is a lost art. This is a record where I appreciate the artistry, specifically: the placement of the chords, electric guitar solo, and lyrics.

The musicianship is what’s being displayed, alongside the fact that it's an all around good song. Hit The Hay is a band I want to continue to see put out exceptionally good mood music, such as Heartbeat. 

Listen to Heartbeat: 


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