Katie Roe Carr's, Honey Berri (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Jeffrey Wright 

Life for some is a fairly straight line, it has limited turns, surprises, and moments of awe. And, for some, this is perfectly fine. However, for others, life has twists, turns, and even a few rocky roads. But, for those who face the ladder of the two, they often find that the turmoil and uncertainty was well worth it. Dues paid and rewards reaped.

For Katie Roe Carr, the bumpy road to a gold paved road is her story. Katie is single with 3 sons: Jay, 22, Harry, 16 and Rocky, six. You know that the youngest of the bunch had to be named Rocky.

Katie’s kids are just as much of a supportive team as they are as a family settled in one abode.

Here’s the story. Katie was dating Rocky’s father, but they separated about a year ago. She and her oldest sons were single, but the sons brainstormed that their mum should not be single for long, as they decided to find the right man for their mum. However, at the time, katie felt fine and secure in her position as she believed that this was the new and accepted culture of living in the UK. Katie owned a beauty and tanning salon and established a high sense of independence and autonomy, assering that she was in control of her own life and therefore her destiny. She stated, ‘In the past a woman like me would have just carried on with a relationship that wasn’t working, but I knew that i couldn’t do that.’ She continues, ‘So when things didn’t feel right, I knew I’d have to change them. I wasn’t scared to be single,’

Maybe she wasn’t afraid to be single, but her son’s were thinking differently. They piled together their collected thoughts and decided to tackle a site that allowed for children to find a perfect date for their mum and then hope for the best. So, this is one of the twists in the life of Katie Roe Carr.

Surprisingly, their exploration was televised as a documentary with Jay and Harry, along with Rocky pulling up the rear. The boys sifted through 200 would be suitors and were able to narrow it down to a handful of pursuers. They met with three of them, as surveyors, outside the presence of their mother. One could only assume that they came to the meeting with notepads, cameras and questions in hand. This is a unique spend on dating, to say the least.

Unfortunately, like many of us have faced, Katie’s momentum with her business and plans in life were halted in light of the pandemic. However, as we would expect from Katie’s outlook on life and her business acumen, she was able to formalize a plan to begin a new business and still maintain her safety.

Katie was not only able to form a new business, she was also able to include her 3 year old daughter in something that they both loved. Drum roll- They came up with the idea of Honey Berri ‘Hair Accessories with a Difference.’ Honey is Katie’s daughter that she had while she was in her 40's.

The business evolved with their love and appreciation for hair accessories, but struggled to find the right fit for she and Honey. Yes, Katie and her young daughter are in business together, with the young one serving as creator and model. Actually, when you visit their site, you will notice Honey’s bright smile while sporting her latest wares. It is a business, but both ladies are having a ball expressing their creativity and providing the world with an enchanting catalogue of hair accessories. 

But beyond the business, Katie and Honey are very concerned with the health of the planet. They are concerned with saving the planet as they adhere to an environmentally friendly business. This is one of the inspirations to support the business, as it supports the earth.

To fully appreciate the golden road that Katie and Honey have paved, check out their fun and happy site here: www.honeyberri.co.uk

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