How To Use Instagram To Promote Your Subscription Page

Promoting your adult content subscription page is easier than ever with so many social media sites available to you. Today, we’re focusing on how to use Instagram to promote your Peekaboo page, so get ready for our top tips!

1. Think of Instagram as part of your marketing and promotions work, not just as social media.
As a self-employed business owner, you are responsible for all aspects of your business, including marketing and promotions. So approach Instagram with a business mindset! That means regularly posting high-quality content that serves a business purpose. We’ll get into this more below.

2. Post high-quality content.
Your Instagram content should be a reflection and free preview of the adult content you share on Peekaboo. Be sure to commit to the same level of quality in content on Instagram that you do on your page! 

That’s not to say that ALL of your Instagram content has to be super polished and professional—often, your followers like more “organic” glimpses into your life. But make sure majority of what you post aligns with your personal brand and goals.

3. Be mindful of the Instagram terms of service (TOS). 
Unfortunately, Instagram is not friendly to sex workers, which is a whole issue that we’ll tackle at a later date. The Instagram TOS won’t allow certain things, so overtly sharing your Peekaboo link could be a red flag to them. And Instagram won’t allow you to post certain parts of your nude body. The platform even has terms around the use of sexually suggestive emojis (like the eggplant emoji ever hurt anyone! 🍆). Review the TOS carefully and stay up to date on any changes to make sure your content complies with IG’s rules.

4. Post consistently and frequently.
One of the keys to growing a fan base on social media that can be pushed over to Peekaboo is to post consistently and frequently. Because your IG is part of your business marketing plan, you should think about developing a content calendar and posting schedule to make sure you stick with it. 

5. Use all of Instagram’s features to get pushed farther in the algorithm. 
Everyone always talks about the Instagram algorithm and it sounds confusing, but here’s the bottom line: The more you use all of Instagram’s tools and features, the more the app will reward you by pushing your content to new audiences. That means you should take advantage of features like Reels (short videos), Instagram Stories and hashtags.

6. Don’t make every post a sales pitch.
Social media users are savvier than ever before, and they won’t engage with you if they feel like they’re getting a hard sell on every one of your posts. Make sure some of your content feels organic and is just about letting fans get to know you. These types of posts will benefit your business in the long run.

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