Ask Shonda, Hustlers Expo Events (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Jeffrey Wright

A few years back, my daughter played volleyball and her team didn't have great support or hustle. So, she decided to create this very rhythmic and motivating chant of- "Let me see you- hustle.'  Miraculously, from that chant and hustle, her team became more supportive of one another and most importantly- winners. 

Having a business or starting a business is also like a team. Businesses must have support and hustle, before the business owner can become a winner. 

Ask Shonda, an African American woman entrepreneur, created Hustlers Expo Events, Inc. In doing this, and in her previous experiences in business, she was acutely aware that the hustler"s spirit was a key ingredient to the success of small business owners. 

Hustlers Expo Events, is a supportive team, that works diligently to bring together businesses to receive the exposure that they deserve. To do this, they launch and host pop up shops across a wide array of cities throughout the US. At these events, small business owners are brought together to build business relationships, network and gain a true sense of empowerment. This is tremendously beneficial, as owners will gain social media traffic, increase followers and ultimately elevate their sales. 

Hustlers Expo Events, provides hope and inspiration for businesses, in particular, African American owned businesses. Ask Shonda explains that bringing 20-40 black businesses together under one roof, as a pop up experience, is powerful. It unites the community and brings awareness to a business that might have been under the radar, relegated to stay there and eventually forced to fold. 

Also, the company is aware of the many obstacles that some businesses face that others do not. Ask Shonda asserts, ‘Not only do I bring the community together to support each other, but I also give people of color a better chance and way to hustle. “She continues, ‘As a small business owner, we don’t have the start-up cost or loan approval to just jump into a storefront or office space.”

So to ameliorate these problems, Ask Shonda created a temporary setting that did not require owners to incur any overhead, such as- rent, utilities or an LLC. Additionally, this format allows for businesses to display their talents, services and products before fully committing to their business concept. 

Other benefits of the Hustlers Expo Events include a critically important ongoing promotional campaign package. This idea is truly ongoing, as when you register as a vendor with Hustlers Expo Events, Inc., you are tied to Hustlers Expo for Lyfe!  That is, all materials that you submit to their social media platforms remain and are never deleted. 

If you want to succeed in business, you have to hustle. Find out more about how Hustle Expo Events can get you to the next level by visiting their site. There, you will gather specific information on how to become a vendor and events that they are sponsoring in a city near you. 

Go check them out and- Let me see you hustle!  

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