Ian McFarland- Spilling Over Me (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

Ian McFarland releases a single from his recently dropped album entitled Publicity Stunt Double, Spilling over Me. A standout track from the album, Ian brings light to how the people we are around become an extension of us… eventually. It’s commonplace for these turn of events to happen once you immerse yourself into someone physically, mentally and emotionally.

I’m in too deep

And now she’s spilling over me

A different way of using one of the more popular idioms, but this one is executed perfectly to fit the mold of their idea. It’s a fun new concept in a song that takes on a new meaning of a person "really knowing you." Ian McFarland plays with melodies on this track that I won’t forget, for a while. I thoroughly enjoyed the composition. The chorus stayed with me due to its replay value and memorable lyrics.

Instrumentation on Spilling Over Me is remarkable as well. They start at the 2:18 mark with the guitar and xylophone, infusing all the sounds together and expanding on the lightheartedness.

Overall, Ian McFarland produced a track worth more than a listen. You can find Spilling over Me on his album, Publicly Stunt Double, available on all streaming platforms. 

Spilling Over Me: 


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