Ice Cream and 808’s- Noah Randolph (Report)

Reported by SwanoDown

So many of us have dreams of building a brand of our own, sometimes several different brands. Noah Rudolph is a DJ who throws music festivals in Wilmington, NC- but has a business acumen that stretches well beyond that.  

Let’s first highlight his DJ capabilities. On October 29, 2021 he and his company put on a festival that brought out over 3,000 people. During this time, special guests were welcomed aboard a private yacht, during the day, before the event started. All of the successes and struggles were captured in a vlog that was posted to his youtube to recap the entire event. As a student of the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) he cultivated his skills through events that were held by the school. Not only that, but being blessed enough to have this connection allowed his work to be displayed at events sponsored by Monster Energy. These opportunities are significant as the competition for Deejaying is exceedingly high.

Albeit, it's simpler for an individual to chase one goal, there are times where putting forth energy into other endeavors is beneficial. Having a degree in Finance and a passion for business, Rudolph found himself purchasing an ice cream/donut shop that specializes in homemade recipes called the OKI Scoop Shop. In the OKI Scoop shop there are a multitude of combinations that go with each varying flavor of ice cream and/or donut. Each homemade flavor of ice cream can be paired with an unorthodox topping such as coconut, marshmallows, or even peanuts, and then plopped right on top of a fresh made waffle cone. 

The "it" that makes businessmen like Noah Rudolph so well versed is drive. Being able to wake up every morning and work on something creative or constructive in the community speaks to the world an artist hopes to see. We have many thoughts, aspirations, and interests but it all culminates in several ways to meet different ends. 

Interested in having your event spun by Noah? Visit him at and be sure to catch him on Tuesdays at the Palm Room down in Wilmington, NC. And If you’re feeling something sweet after a sweet set, stop in to OKI Scoop Shop located at 4922 E Oak Island Dr, Oak Island, NC 28465

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