Icon South ft. Neko Savvy & Lil Twist

Written by Chris Yangello

The world is full of up and coming artists that are waiting for their turn in the spotlight. While not all will have the chance to see it, some are fortunate enough to. One artist that heavily deserves a chance at the spotlight is Icon South. After doing more research on South, I found that he has a long list of extremely well produced tracks that have been released on his Spotify artist page. However, one track really stood out to me more than any of the others.

Clone is one of Icon South’s newer releases that shows just how far he has come in his wake of the music industry. This track, which features Neko Savvy and Lil Twist, is an incredibly catchy song with great production. Not only in the production of the song high-quality, but the vocals are too. All three of these artists have an incredibly unique and desirable voice for any artist to hear. Personally, my favorite part of the song is the opening, followed by the transition to the second vocalist.

Clone is everything you would expect from a huge artist in the music industry, with the only difference being that Icon South just hasn’t had that lucky strike yet. However, it’s definitely coming. If you’re looking forward to seeing Icon South’s career blow up the way I am, be sure to check out Clone and all of his other releases!

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