IDEKWHATMYNAMEIS- Lost Kids (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

It's something about the strings on this record that makes this song go extra hard.

IDEKWHATMYNAMEIS is good at picking beats and even better at creating a vibe, especially on this track, Lost Kids, the latest single from IDEKWHATMYNAMEIS, is another song in his catalog that continues the theme of a late night vibe session on the town.

Lost Kids is a record that has the right amount of bounce that treads the line of trap soul. Like a plastic bag in the sky, the way he floats on this track is effortless. The chorus will get stuck inside your head after the first two listens.

I ain’t for the streets, that’s what they all say

Beside the beat and his cadence on the track, IDEKWHATMYNAMEIS has a few quotable lines in here worthy of Instagram captions. It’s the back and forth conversation with a female that makes the song so relatable. Trying to get a straight answer on the current situation can be like pulling teeth at times, which can end up becoming toxic if the problem persists. We get the male point of view, but even females will champion this song because they think some guys are for the streets. Overall, Lost Kids was a strong offering and playlist worthy. 

Check it out:

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