IISMA- Superhuman (Album Review)

Written by Tyler Akles

Every so often, my friends and I will ask each other the question: “I wonder what songs from our generation will be played at our cookouts in the future?” There’s always a certain “magic” feeling that’s given by those cookout worthy songs. I had the pleasure of listening to IISMA’s Superhuman, and I was met with many songs I felt fit that summer cookout feeling.

IISMA’s Superhuman is an experience that takes the listener through many different sounds and styles, all very well-represented by the artist. Each track on this album feels like it gives off its own unique experience, which spotlights IISMA’s versatility. For my DMV natives, this album sounds like something you would hear on 96.3 and 95.9. You can listen to Superhuman around your parents and they’d enjoy it as well.

I was very impressed with how solid the production on this album was.

Speaking from personal experience, producing a neo-soul/alternative R&B album can be very challenging. You may often need some expensive software, or a long list of musicians on call to record in the studio (also very expensive), which can make it difficult to break into as a rising artist. We’re not privy to the budget for this album, but the production sounds incredible.

On top of the production, IISMA had an outstanding vocal performance. Simply put, he has a great voice, and uses it very well throughout the album. All of the harmonies and vocal production give that feeling of a classic 90s R&B record. The vocals on Chillback, Relax were my favorite on the album, and highlighted his skills. Now, I may have a bit more of a sensitive ear being a producer, but the only thing I hoped to be better on this album was the mix & mastering. It didn’t disrupt the listening experience, but it could’ve certainly elevated it with a bit more refinement. But as I stated, this did not have any serious impact on the musicality or beauty of tracks.

Overall, I enjoyed listening to Superhuman. This is definitely a great debut project for IISMA, and I look forward to hearing more of his work in the future! 

Check out Superhuman Below:

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  • Crystal Pena

    This album was amazing ! Soothing and so easy to connect to I love you iisma keep up the good work ❤️.

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