IM 2MRW (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Chris Yangello

It’s not often that up and coming artists find a way to break through to the mainstream spotlight. However, in the rare occasion that this happens, the consumer always finds a way to spot the true talent. While spotting this talent does come as a rarity, hidden gems come to the surface for a reason. One of these hidden gems is an artist by the name of IM 2MRW.

While many artists have strived towards developing a name for themselves early in their career, not all can say that they’ve accomplished as much as IM 2MRW has. With some incredible tracks already released on all streaming platforms, it’s crazy to see just how far he has come. IM 2MRW recently released a track titled “All I Know”, which touches on exactly what the music industry is looking for. Whether it be through Mark’s talented vocals or diverse beats, everything about “All I Know” completes the audience’s search for the perfect track.

IM 2MRW is on the path towards accomplishing incredible things throughout the next few months of 2021, and personally, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him achieving the entirety of his 2021 goals by the end of the summer. If you’re interested in checking out IM 2MRW, or his track “All I Know, be sure to check out his Apple Music page, which I’ve taken a moment to link below.

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