IMaNI- Pretty Boi (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

The melodies that IMaNI expounds upon on Pretty Boi are a treat for the ears, such an easy listen and ready for the mainstream. As soon as those guitar strings hit in the opening seconds, you’re instantly hooked onto every word IMaNI sings. When you are looking at the song’s story itself, the protagonist has got it bad for this guy, and is moving way too fast. This is a relatable subject on so many levels because not only do womem go through this, guys are just as much a part of this conversation. 

It’s those initial butterflies and cotton candy periods of the dating phase where those feelings develop. Everything is going great with no problems on site, then give it 3 more months, problems arise. Her voice makes you see the beauty within the madness, especially in relationships. We may think we know one’s intentions, then we are headed for a rude awakening and suffering emotionally. 

IMaNI has a grasp on leveraging the message of the song with an equally satisfying sound that is completely opposite. Pretty Boi is such a soulful song, yet heartbreaking, there was no love found at the end of the day. IMaNI is an R&B talent that is on her way to being discovered. I highly recommend checking out this song on her latest album, Violet. 

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