inHarmony Beats- Coffee Break (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen 

Coffee Break by Inharmony Beats is a classic R&B track. This piece encompasses a jubilant spirit.

Inharmony Beats incorporates instruments such as the clave and break drum that really work together to create a free-flowing atmosphere.I definitely understand how this track got its name; it feels like a well-needed pause from the stresses of life. Plus, it’s undeniably smooth. I can hear Coffee Break on so many movies and playlists. This is the perfect track to throw on during a brunch, dinner or any event that needs a mature, warm vibe. Honestly, Coffee Break has the potential to set the scene for a plethora of situations.

I can’t help but feel my worries dissipate as the song swims through my ears. I think we all will agree this track is easily a favorite of ours here at Swano Down, and we can’t wait to hear what else Inharmony Beats has in store.

If you love Coffee Break, make sure you check out their other compositions. Inharmony has a lot of versatility when it comes to creating beat selections. In addition to this, they have a sound I believe most artists, but especially R&B artists, would greatly appreciate. Need a moment to pause life’s tension? Play Coffee Break by Inharmony Beats with the link below! 

Coffee Break by Inharmony Beats:

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