Isolated In November (Video Critique)

Critiqued by Lukey Lenz

As the crisp weather of fall approaches, Balo drops a cold and calculated track called “November”, paired with a visual from Alex DiMarco. One thing that can be said about this video is that the overall feeling makes you feel chilly. The majority of this video takes place inside of a vintage car illuminated with purple and yellow lights. The second most prevalent shots are under a spotlight. Both of these 360 shots are surrounded by a dark, black abyss where no other light passes. With isolated light inside and outside of the vehicle, it makes you feel like a cold winter is coming, the only warmth coming from a street lamp or your car’s console. 

From what I interpreted, it seems as if Balo and his team are about to commit or just have committed a burglary, he in the backseat being driven by said accessories. The statue-like poses made by the women in this video remind me of a comic book or even a flashback. There is a quality about this video that makes it feel like you are in a dream and the only characters not frozen in time are Balo and his canine companion. With the spinning camera angles and the physical fog in the video, it makes it look like you are in someone’s mind...visiting a vague memory. Balo’s lyrics tell a story of strong feelings he had for someone for quite some time. The “November” video was premiered on August 6th of 2021, meaning the November he speaks of could be a year or even years prior to the month in question. 

This video speaks volumes. Sometimes people cannot clearly describe how they feel, especially when it comes to trauma. The fall and winter months are not so easy on some people, it isolates them and leaves them alone with their thoughts. When he found his person, a lot of that time was spent in those months where it’s cold. Upon the loss of this person, it got even colder, leaving him with a memory that lacked lucidity, vibrancy and warmth. 

Be sure to check out Balo’s visual for “November” directed by Alex Dimarco:

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