itscanturan- Truth & Lies (Track Release)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Growing up, there were two styles of music my parents constantly played during my adolescence. I can comfortably say, they became the genres of my childhood. What are they you may ask? Jazz and House. 

It was a common occurrence to walk down the steps on a Saturday morning, and hear artists like Miles Davis, or Shaun Escoffery playing on the speakers. Listening to Truth & Lies by itscanturan, gave me fond flashbacks. And who am I kidding? I still listen to House Music daily. 

This song has the attributes to get your adrenaline pumping! Steady pumping drums, a soundscape that resonates around the room, and well placed vocal samples. There aren't any drop offs on this track, it'll keep you on your feet for it's entirety. Even when the drums fall out towards the mdidle portion of the cut, it's still funky enough to have you anticipating that hardhitting comeback. Need some workout music? This should work. Want to dance around your living room and break a sweat? itscanturan has something for you. 

Take a listen to Truth & Lies:

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