Ivan Grap x Nastia Donna- And I Said Just Take Me Home (Re-Imagined) [Track Review]

Written by Grayson Jones

Fretless bass slaps make for an ideal atmosphere. Here on, And I Said Just Take Me Home, we are introduced to a "contrastful" theme between attitude and intimacy. Ivan Grap and Nastia Donna coagulate a dark twisted melody implying a sense of bitter-sweetness. The Instrumentation is nothing out of the ordinary, but the visuals help portray the soundscape in which the track basks in. The video is mainly an opaque blanket of darkness with a lustrous red face of a woman on her back- typically seen as a submissive position. The visual truly encapsulates the theme here, even better relates to many songs with this type of bare instrumentation.

The track reminds me of Margaret Whiting in
Baby it’s Cold Outside. There is a condescending tone here that masks an obvious ulterior motive. Vocally seductive is a phrase to describe Ivan and Nastia’s track. The delivery was soft but had major leaps in tone especially to some parts of falsetto that truly embroidered the concept of seduction. To say the least, the piece captures lust, control, and a sense of conspiracy. These two create music that implement sounds capturing their creativity.

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