Iván Llopis- The Universe is an opaque mirror (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright

Opaque- Not able to be seen through; not transparent.

A few years ago, at the height of the Pandemic, Black Mirror, a Sci-fi anthology displayed a great a great advertisement in New City. It read: Black Mirror Season 6. I was excited as it was is one of my favorite shows. Though, as I began to look closer, I saw what it truly was. The advertisement was a mirror, reflecting whoever and whatever was in its path. As the show likes to give social commentary, that's what they were doing there as well. 

As I listen to Iván Llopis' "The Universe is an opaque mirror", I can not help but to hear an internally deeper and less subtle message of self-reflection and an analyzation of our environment. The occasional shrills, lightly performed percussion, and almost ghostly keys create an environment for the mind to ponder.

This piece is evidently composed and expressed by a true professional and genius of their craft.

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