J Jump- Save Me [SwanoDown Report]

Written by Imani Wj Wright

Most, if not all of us have had moments where we heard a new artists/song and said: 'Damn. What song is that?' What is it that typically gives you that reaction though? Is it a hard knocking 808? Unbelievably ranged vocal performance? Spicy lyricism? As you think of that answer, I'll give you some insight into one of my most recent experiences. 

When I first heard artist, J Jump's track "Save Me", my ears were immediately grasped. As we know, there's a small window for musicians to capture audiences and especially new listeners. Jump had no issue capitalizing with that minuscule opportunity of time on "Save Me". The opening guitar, followed by a subtle, but swiftly moving percussion keeps the sound full and exciting. This production style seems to work quite well with Jump's vocal approach and melodious vocal approach.

His sense of melody is apparent, and the visual that goes along with "Save Me" adds to the already engaging soundscape. 

Check out "Save Me" by J Jump:

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