Jackson Mathod- India (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

A Jazz filled adrenaline rush that can’t be put into words, you would have to listen for yourself to find out. “India” by Jackson Mathod has a different flavor of Jazz that’s simultaneously contemporary and nostalgic. I’m not as much a student of Jazz as I am other genres. But, I am aware that all the instruments used play a part in telling a story or painting a picture worth 1000 words. 

The first thing that comes to mind when I heard India, was Spike Lee and the incorporation of Jazz music in most of his early work. From Mo’ Better Blues to Do the Right Thing, Jazz enlarges the emotion we may feel about certain situations. The tempo build up at the beginning is a heart pumping 100x over; the feeling of anxiousness of a meeting of the minds. There are some definite dance elements, so it isn’t your typical Jazz song. It’s more uptempo and stays in that range for a good part of India.

Every instrument played its part in making the listening experience as rich and soothing as it could be. One thought I’ve always had about Jazz is: This style of music can create a wall and blocks you off from the world or be the soundtrack for what may arise in the world. This may be a combination of both based on the state of humanity.

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