Jacky Huang- Path (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

From Canada with love, we had indie composer Jacky Huang share her classical-acoustic piece, Path. The thing about classical piano is its relatability to one's cognition can often be neglected. When playing piano, the left hand is usually considered to be the bass. The right hand the melody. Blending the two, you have a conversation on the right hand and on the left hand you have the topic. The conversation felt sorrowful for whom played the piece. Each key its own sad truth, to make a bigger journey of a conversation along this instrument. The better the instrumentation, the better the performer is at controlling the atmosphere.

Like being locked in one's hands, Jacky, musically creates a path where there is no one between she and the dark twisted reality she ventures through- while exploring some minor/dark flows. Similar to an artist rapping lyrics, Jacky has her moments where the song and pitch have their own expressions. The better the instrumentation, the better the performer, the greater the piece. The grasp that she has on knowing exactly how to make what music she resonates with, is what I find unique about her. Take a load off and follow the Path composed by Jacky Huang out now on all platforms!

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