Jade Ashtangini- Yearning [Instrumental Review]

Written by Miles Monroe II

This has to be one of the most beautifully composed pieces of art I’ve heard in quite some time. Jade Ashtangini crafts a well-woven instrumental entitled, “Yearning”. The track is fittingly titled, as the sounds resemble that feel of needing more. Once it gets a hold of you, whatever emotions you may be concealing with automatically reveal themselves throughout the duration of the song. That’s how strong the piano chords will pull onto your heart.

This piece also has a cinematic feel. I can hear this in a pivotal scene of a romance film or even an animated film for Disney. 
Ashtangini truly shines throughout her latest release with her technical abilities on the piano, creating a story without words and keeping listeners wanting more by the end of the song.

Very powerful musicianship by Jade Ashtangini and a song I would suggest to music lovers everywhere.

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