Jaedawn- Petty (Track Review)

Written by Chris Yangello

I’ve seen it countless times, over and over again. Artists in the music industry create and produce music that’s been heard a million different times. I often find myself searching around social media and Soundcloud to find something new. Upon one of these searches, and with the help of Imani Wj Wright, I discovered Jaedawn.

Jaedawn is the type of artist who is a massive delight to meet. I always appreciate artists who take the time to think out their work, and through Jaedawn’s lyricism and melodic flow, I can easily tell that he is indeed one of those artists. One of his recent releases, titled “Petty,” has been on the rise within my friend group. After showing them the song, they've kept it in their rotation.

I see Jaedawn taking off in the near future. He has an extremely unique voice, a melodious delivery that is unmatched in his genre, and a bright career ahead of him. I think it’s only a matter of time before we see one of Jaedawn’s next releases take the realm of TikTok by storm, or grow on the charts of Apple Music. If you want to hear the grasping music Jaedawn is dropping, just check out any major streaming service, as he is available everywhere.

Listen to Petty:


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