Jakob Leventhal & Sarah Jarosz- Greenwich Village Ghosts (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

You often don’t come across many songs that sound like a long kiss goodbye, but Jakob Leventhal has given us that song, Greenwich Village Ghosts is that song where words may not be able to be formed because of the sensitivity of the situation. You can feel a shift within your universe, everyone has that sixth sense about the end coming sooner than it should’ve. I believe Jakob and Sarah Jarosz communicated those feelings in one song. It’ll be hard not to get into deep emotion when listening to Greenwich, which I think that’s the purpose all songs try to evoke.

“What’s harder than telling me, 

that you’ve had enough?

Well I hate being young, I hate growing up”

Jakob shows off his storytelling abilities on Greenwich Village Ghosts as we understand his message as it pertains to growing up and growing apart from someone. That struggle within oneself of growing up and moving on is a tough battle, especially when you are fixated on the past. There are reasons why we should let the past be the past and look forward to the future. Jakob and Sarah complemented each other beautifully on this soft and well written piano ballad that might make you shed a tear after a thorough listen. 

Take a listen:


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