James Iwa ft. Jermaine Holmes- Who cares (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen

Self motivation is so important while sustaining a healthy lifestyle. You have to recognize how great you are!

Who cares what other people think? I know for sure this artist named James Iwa has limitless soul and zero cares to give. James has a single called “Who Cares” featuring artist Jermaine Holmes! The title of the song is self explanatory and the song itself is a sonic ceremony for ones soul. In the first verse he say “I can’t believe I gave my time to a gang of some know it all’s, just to find out they ain’t know it all,” I love the display of revelation through his words. Not to mention the flow is so welcoming and jazzy. Instrumentation is pretty much flawless.

I really love the cover art for “Who Cares” which was illustrated by MC Blue Matter. The cartoon characters’ and colors make this track pop even more. By the way, I forgot– James is a producer and bassist. He’s  released his debut album on September 10th, titled Beamin.

So make sure you stay tuned for all he has in store and don’t forget to add “Who Cares” to your everyday playlist to keep your head high:


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