Jarreau Vandal ft. Col3trane- My Way (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

First off, let me get my two steps together. 

Secondly, this is an absolute jam that is filled with nothing but "Positive Vibrations," as stated in, My Way, by Jarreau Vandal (ft. Col3trane). This latest release is an Afrobeat, one of the more popular genres of music in recent years, implemented by artists such as Drake and Tory Lanez. My Way, is a song capable of holding its own and bringing life to the party.

Jarreau and Col3trane, block away any of the negative distractions that try to ruin our days. Energy definitely shifts when playing this song and having it on repeat. Col3trane, the featured singer on My Way, was exceptional and showed out, as he told us what has to be done. The lyrics, in particular, hit home for me. 

I know I’m sounding conceited

Can’t explain why I’m leaving

Bittersweet, but I need it 

It’s simple and straight to the point-  doing what he/she feels, needs to be done. He states in the beginning of the song, "We both ran our race," and sometimes placement in our bubble runs its course. We all need to be selfish for what self wants and what self needs.

Waiting for tomorrow decreases the time allotted for us, to do things our way. Adversely, satisfying other people and doing things their way, is not a life to lead. 

We need all the positive energy that we can get and reciprocate, in order for the blessings to be placed onto us.

My Way, is a song that is playable in any type of environment, allowing the dancefloor to be packed. 

Check it out: 


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