Jarryd James Overdue (Track Review)

Written by Parys Wyatt

It’s a little too easy to forget that everyone has problems.  Sometimes, it seems as though other people have their lives together, with little-to-no worry, when in reality, we are all simply trying to stay afloat. Life is difficult, and for many of us, it may be a constant uphill battle to get where we want to be. In the creative industry, the obstacles that stand between you and the life you would like to live seem to only multiply with every step forward. Add social media to the mix, and it feels like you’re the only one who is not doing enough. Even when you are, it can still feel like your method is lacking in some way. 

With their song “Overdue,” Jarryd James and Trapo give us a vivid illustration of the struggle to maintain their determination in the midst of their continuous fight to succeed with their crafts.They speak not only on the sacrifices required to give attention to your goals, but also the toll that “the grind” can have on your mental health. In the refrain, Jarryd sings “California bleeds/California bleeds me dry/California dreams, oh/California dream will die.” This chorus is wildly powerful to me because it instills in the listener that feeling of “I just want to make it but this process is costing me everything” without ever having to live the experience. Jarryd and Trapo recognize that when you think of California, you envision it as the place where many creatives hope to end up. And while California does hold endless opportunities, they make you understand that it’s also the same place that can drain you of your will to continue, thus creating this love/hate relationship with working toward success in the creative industry. 

Overall, I see this as a song that any person with artistic endeavors can relate to. Internal pressure coupled with lack of external support/understanding is something that puts many of us in our bag. Just remember you're not alone, and continue to do your thang. 

Check out this Jarryd James and Trapo’s “Overdue” with the link below: 


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