Jasmine Janai- Good Girls (Track Review)

Written by Chris Yangello

It's crazy to see just how quickly this year has taken off. Whether it be with the new updates regarding the global pandemic, kids going back to school after the holidays, or families getting back into their post-holiday rhythm, the opportunity for growth and connection is never as good as it is after the holidays. As a musician, this time can be extremely important to self-reflect as well as devote more effort to your career as an artist.

I recently discovered a lyrical genius by the name of Jasmine Janal.

Janai emulates the same aforementioned passion to develop herself better through the music that she creates. As soon as I discovered what Janal is capable of, I also found out about a recent song release titled “Good Girls”.

It's not all that uncommon to stumble across artists whose lyrics are all over the place or fail to resonate with the listener. However, Jasmine has an absolutely incredible voice, and her lyrics captivated me the first time I listened to “Good Girls”. My favorite lyrics from the song are: “I don't wanna face how I'm feeling. Don't you ever say to 'slow down' Life feels better when I'm speedin, wandering around.” I believe that a lot of her fans can relate to these lyrics in their own way.

Jasmine Janai has an unmatched talent that you don't find often. However, I believe that her passion for her craft and her ability to produce a great song helps her to find the success that she is looking for. If you’re interested, be sure to stream “Good Girls” using the Spotify link below!

Check it out:

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