Jay Rydel (Artist Review)- Feel Good Music

Written by Imani Wj Wright

Skill. Confidence. Soul. 

Jay Rydel encompasses and successfully expresses all of the aforementioned attributes. And after listening to his tracks, Feel Good Music, Lucky, and Stupid  High, I say that with the upmost confidence.

I’ve been listening to “Feel Good Music,” for the past 30 minutes straight, and my dad asked: “Who is this? [It] Sounds very professional.” Yes Dad, I agree. Not only professional, but funky. Let’s take a deep dive into this piece. Follow me...

What makes Rydel so impressive are not only his performances and curated soundscapes, but this guy is one hell of a songwriter. Rydel sings to his love interest about setting the night's mood, and playing some music that, well, makes you feel good. "Just give me something Stevie. Some classic Marvin too. That MJ, P.Y.T., girl whatever you do- Just gimme that feel good music." The concept of this composition withholds true artistry. Jay lists some all-time favorite artists that most of us can relate to on some degree (he even makes an Outkast reference later on). While doing so, he seamlessly glides over intensely soulful instrumentation. The intro gave me some touches of Bilal's, 2000 track, Soul Sista. A guitar solo ensues on this joint, and quite simply put the proverbial cherry on top. 

All in all, Jay is a musician who has a clear vision of what his audience wants, and he's now in the midst of giving it to them. His growth will be exciting to see. I don’t plan on just spectating, I'll be keeping an active ear for his next move.

And fittingly— Jay is giving us some feel good content with this track. It's easy to find yourself smiling from start to finish as you experience this piece. There aren't any restraints here. You can enjoy is with your spouse, your parents, your best friend... Just flip on your speakers and enjoy the ride.

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