Jaydonclover x Kofi Stone- inthemourning (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

In a matter of seconds, Jaydonclover has become one of my new favorite voices.

I typically speak in-depth about the specific record when i do these track reviews, but in all honesty we have to take the time here to talk about Jaydonclover's vocals. 

As this piece begins, Jaydon's soothing style takes over your mind, body, and spirit. I really mean this though. If you turn this piece on in your headphones, or a decent pair of speakers, there's almost a resonating hum that sends chills throughout your body. It lures you in In a bit of an ironic way, Jaydon's approach almost "screams" at you to listen to what she has to say. Have you ever been in a semi-heated argument with someone, and you're turned up, but they're speaking at such a moderate tone? it makes you feel like cool and collected with their thoughts, as you can't control your emotions. When I've been in that space, I look at the other person, and truly begin to listen to what they have to say.

Jaydon't songwriting here is sultry as well. Though she sings of missing someone, you get a level of comfort in how genuine and assuring she is of her lover's presence and affection.

Check it out 

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